Frequently Asked Question: How Do You Prepare for an Author Appearance?

Sharon E. Cathcart


This weekend, I’m doing final prep for my appearance at Clockwork Alchemy.  So, I thought I’d give you all a little insight into what that involves.

First, I’ve made sure I have inventory for all of my paperbacks.  I’ve done some new covers, but I still have a little back stock of the old ones … which means I’ve also come up with a different pricing strategy this year.  There’ll be a discount on the old covers while supplies last.  That way, there’s an opportunity for people who want the same content at a bargain.  I also have business cards with a QR code that will take people to my website, where they will find information about my eBook-only work.

Second, I’ve planned my table decor.  Having an inviting and nicely decorated sales space makes a huge difference; people want to check out your work if you and your…

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4 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Question: How Do You Prepare for an Author Appearance?

  1. Thanks for a great post. Read the original post, and reblogged at with the following comment.

    I remember the first Author Appearance I did. It was much smaller, than the one described here, but it was still lots of work. I created a display table with my books, business cards, and copies of my then, new Online Magazine The Neighborhood News, seen, here, on the blog. I had decorated snack bags, and cold bottles of water. I took plenty of time with each visitor to answer plenty of questions, and as is mentioned here, was prepared to make change. I knew that being a self-published author would be a ton of work, and I am more than certain that the Big Five Authors, do work too, but I never imagined how hard it would be. I was responsible for not only setting up a nice display, but transporting everything to and from the site, packing and unpacking, and all manner, of stuff. Even all the marketing did I do.

    Why do I do it? It isn’t for the books I can sell, in fact it’s not even about the prmo, it’s the people. The readers. The ones who walk up, and are excited to meet my Seeing Eye dog and me. The ones who haven’t read us yet, who have a ton and half questions.

    I love it all!

    Heck! Just reading, and writing about it has me wanting to do another, and a convention? That would really rock!

    Well, enough about me, let’s hear from this magnificent, well prepared, knowledgable author.

    Remember, if you like this, let us know, and make sure to follow the blogger as well.

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