This Is What You Need to Know Before You Use Alexa.Com

From Janice Wald on Mostly Blogging Site:


Do you know that as a blogger you need

Are you aware of the site’s importance?

Do you know how to use the site to improve your blog’s popularity? has many benefits for you as a blogger.

This article will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using the free version of the site.

Find out more at the following link:

What Is


9 thoughts on “This Is What You Need to Know Before You Use Alexa.Com

  1. Are you aware that not all of us blog for money and fame? That some just blog for fun? About their life? And are fine with the followers they achieve “naturally”? Nobody I know who blogs needs Alexa. Or any other machinery to improve the site’s traffic.

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    • Hi Fran,
      Thanks for commenting on my article. I agree. Of course, blogging should be fun. However, there are people that like to improve their stats, like a track runner who wants to improve his time on the clock. Some people find trying to chase the numbers, and improve their Alexa score, fun.
      As Chris explained, there are also people who are interested in increasing traffic and monetization.
      When I write blogging tips, I understand people may choose to use the tips or not use the tips. However, they can’t make an informed choice unless they have the information.

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