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      • As a retired History teacher, when I think about the environmental issues we face collectively, I think about how the indigenous peoples of North America were treated with utter disdain and characterized as ‘savages’. Yet, if the European invaders had embraced their conservationist practices and the beliefs that spawned them, we would not be in the pickle we find ourselves in today. People say they are powerless to stand up to the big corporations that are driving horrors like deforestation. I beg to differ. Consumers drive the economy. We are all consumers…

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  1. In my family, we grew up recycling, we lived on the edge of a forest preserve and as kids our playground was the forest, pretending to be Indians, of course. Native Americans have always valued greatly everything about forests, lakes, rivers and streams. Great post, Chris. In Georgia, where I live now, there are no recycling commitments at all – it is optional

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      • Yes! I agree wholeheartedly! It really is an easy fix if all our States in the U S A would make it mandatory to recycle and stop wasting things. It seems we are a throwaway society with all the plastic bags ending up everywhere that do not degrade. Awful. If we must have plastic everything, why not reuse them? Well, that’s how I feel about it anyway. Karen 🙂

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  2. A well penned important message. I don’t think the big Corp. care. We would all have to stop purchasing items that are destroying this earth. Will that happen? I doubt it, but, we that do care can try and maybe just maybe the next generation will do it better. I hope so because this is scary.

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      • Thank you for the always best information. Its a pleasure to reblog and make others best informed. A question: What do you think about a Online address book of all the artists (writers, authors, publisher we can find? We try to realise such a thing for the followers of our blog. For free and for their marketing purposes. Actually we dont know which information could be useful, and which data should be provided. We think the surname, profession (writer, author, painter …) is mandatory. Also the homepage url and the social contacts. But email, the full name, or the postal address could be a problem fighting against stalking and unwanted advertising. What do you think about? Thx Michael

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        • Hi Michael – Great question.
          My Guest Author and reblogged posts, never have the authors email addresses, telephone numbers or location addresses, to avoid them being spammed, stalked or similar, at their personal places.
          The email addresses I give out for authors to submit their posts to my blog, or, for my book cover, book promo trailers or promotional visuals, are specifically set up for those purposes and I can quickly see, and delete, any spam mail that comes in.
          Online information like website / blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc, links are fine to list, as well as names and professions, since these all have the means to identify, report and block unwanted messages.
          Hope that helps 🐵

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          • Thank you Chris! Right? 😉 It helps a lot. Yes, with the email or the postal addresses it could be problematic. We ourself now use our own google-based email-addresses to prevent spam and junk. We wont sell the addresses or anything else about the artists. It only should be a central information repository, which could be extented for there marketing purposes. We are full of thank for the information we are allowed to reblog, and want to give some back. In German spoken countries there is – as we know – no such repository for us-american artists or writers, authors, publishers.
            Thanks a lot. And perhaps, i you want to force the thing, you are invited to show our short survey. 😉 But its not mandatory!

            Thx. Have a nice rest of the day! Michael

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  3. Very interesting info graphic, Chris. A few surprising statistics some, sadly, not! I hope more and more people will consider recycling an absolute must. Everyone should do their bit to help.

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    • InDEED, Wendy – Unfortunately, most places in the Middle East are infamous for their wastage and thoughtlessness regards recycling, although the UAE are trying harder than most -Interestingly, India are banning the use of plastic carrier bags and China are intent in lowering pollution levels 😃

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