13 Things To Do After Publishing Your Next Book – Guest Post by, Toni Pike…

You have already published your first book. As part of that process, you set up your author pages on Amazon and other distribution sites such as Smashwords. You also established your own website, Facebook author page, Goodreads Author page, Twitter account and accounts on other social media platforms.

Now the time has come to publish your next book. You upload it and, hey presto, a short time later your precious creation goes live. Here is a list of thirteen housekeeping jobs to attend to before beginning the hard work of post-publication marketing.

1. Assemble your Buyer Links

Assemble a list of the new buyer links for adding to your website, signatures and posts.

2. Your Amazon Author Pages

Update your author pages on Amazon USA, UK, France, Germany and Japan: claim the new book and modify your biography.

3. The Author Page on other distribution sites, such as Smashwords

Modify your biography and ensure the new book is listed under your name.

4. Set up a series page on Amazon

You can set up a series page by emailing KDP support. If you already have a series page, ask them to add the new book.

5. Update the Book Descriptions of your other books

At the end of the book description for your other titles, you could mention that the new book is also available.

6. Your Website

Create a page about the new book or add it to the series page and/or a page about all your books.

Update your “About Me” page, and add the new book and buyer links.

Add the new cover to your header image.

Mention the new book on any pages about your other titles.

7. Twitter account

Update the header image if it includes your book covers, and modify your profile description.

Post a tweet with a link to the website page about all your books, and pin that to your profile so that it always appears at the top of your tweets.

8. Facebook Author page

Change your cover photo to include the new book cover.

Modify the “About me” section.

Add the new book to your author app.

Do a Facebook post with a link to the website page about all your books, and pin it to the top of your page.

9. Goodreads Author page

Add the new book to your Goodreads Author page and edit your author profile.

Post a Goodreads blog article about your new book release.

10. Gravatar

Update your Gravatar profile to include the new book, and make any changes needed to your photos.

11. Your email signature

Amend your email signature to include your professional details. One option is to have a link to a website page with a list of all your books.

12. Modify the front matter of your previous book

In the front or back of your other books, you may want to include a list of all your titles.

13. Update your other social media accounts

Modify your profile and make any other required changes to your other other social media accounts.

What do you think?

Toni Pike






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