Life in the 16th Century

A great detailed post on 16c England, by Christina Siceloff 👍

If you have any links for information on the 16c in other parts of the world, please leave them in the comments under Christina’s original post on her blog 😎

Lives Our Ancestors Left Behind

Most of what follows applies to the Tudor times in England. When I researched the 16th century for what society was like, punishments for crimes, clothing, medicine and education mostly all I could find was either about Tudor England or it didn’t apply to this century, but the 18th, a bit far ahead. I don’t know why this is, as the rest of the world existed, even Christopher Columbus had been to America by this time and so why not have more about the other areas of the world besides just Tudor England? I can only guess that much of 16th century Europe had much of the same things going on in their way of living as England did. However, if someone could point me to more information on other countries at this time that would be wonderful and I would love to share it with…

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