How to Be Seen as a Powerful Blogging Influencer in Any Niche…

By Janice Wald

“What makes an influencer?” I asked myself.

An influencer has over ten thousand Twitter followers. (Got that, check). The Hey Sippy blog agrees that an “influencer” has a visible social media following.

An influencer has people knocking on their door. (I have writers from the best blogs in the world such as Entrepreneur and Forbes asking to guest post for me. Check. Got that.)

An influencer is respected worldwide to such an extent their opinions are sought out about their area of expertise. (At the time of this writing, I’ve been asked to participate in over thirty expert interviews. Many of them are high-profile. I think I recall one where I was pictured next to Jon Morrow. Also, famous bloggers have subscribed to Mostly Blogging. My blog?)

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How to Be Seen as a Powerful Blogging Influencer in Any Niche



  1. Hi Chris,
    I am grateful. I was possibly hoping for a retweet, but a reblog?! Exceeding my wildest expectations! Much appreciated, Chris. I’m glad you feel your readers will get value from my article. Thank you again for your thoughtfulness and this exposure.

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