Explore your writing style, improve your writing

Wind Eggs

Many writers never take the time for self-reflection. They think about their work, but not their writing process. Consider Tarah Benner’s quiz as a starting point for reflection.

The entertainer Entertainers can be spontaneous and funny but may need coaching to craft concise, crisp prose. (Image courtesy of Tarah Benner)

I started writing seriously in college in the seventies. If I took this quiz then, I would have been a nonconformist. Fortunately, I took writing classes, journalism classes and participated in writing groups and conferences. I experimented with a number of recommendations and never blew criticism of my work off. Forty years later, my answers dot the questionnaire with As, Bs and Cs. (Even those answers depend on the project I’m undertaking.)

If you don’t use this survey as a moment to ask what you can do to improve your writing, you’re missing a wonderful opportunity. It’s not perfect, no quiz is…

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3 thoughts on “Explore your writing style, improve your writing

  1. Thanks so much for that very informative and interesting article..

    I’m definitely going to go more in depth and check out those links to educate myself.. about my writing to be more effective in holding my readers

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