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I am Colin Chappell and was bitten by a German Shepherd at 14, which established a strong dislike of dogs for the next 40 years or so. Then I met a dog lover and we eventually became a couple, but without dogs!

In late 2012, I decided that perhaps I could find a place in my life for a dog and so started talking to our local Humane Society. I decided that yes, I would adopt a dog, and I wanted a large, very self assured, cuddly, openly affectionate and domesticated dog!

However, while I was planning on adopting a dog, there was a dog (Ray) planning on adopting me… and his plans were clearly better than mine as he moved in with us in March 2013! 

colin-chappell-02Ray is a German Shepherd / Rottweiler. He was very insecure; was afraid of anything that moved and would lung and bark to resolve the situation. He did not like to be touched; was very distant, and had no concept of living in a home. He was however quite large at 75lbs!

The following 18 months were a roller coaster of emotions and a huge learning curve for me. Living with Ray has been a joy, and a worry. He has been the cause of laughter, and tears. Most importantly, he has carved for himself a niche in my heart, and I now have one very precious canine as a dear friend.

Those first 18 months are covered in a book Who Said I was up for Adoption?”, and in October 2014, I started a Blog which is heavily focused towards stories about Ray.

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37 thoughts on “Meet Guest Author Colin Chappell…

  1. Reblogged (hope I did I correctly) on OwningADogWithAnxiety and said, “If you don’t already know them, check out Colin and Ray. For me, it is very comforting to read a success story about a fearful dog – and I consider Ray a huge success!”

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  2. Wonderful piece. If I wouldn’t have already bought the book, i would have been enticed to buy it after reading this 🙂
    Has been a great edition to my library and I hope it can be to many others as well!

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