Picture Book Believing: Sharing Picture Books with Intermediate Students by Carrie Gelson

Big stories can reside in small spaces…

Nerdy Book Club

img_4514Stories have the potential to alter our perceptions about our world. We need stories. Lots and lots of them. Picture books, shared in a classroom where writing, thinking and discussion happen, offer countless opportunities for each of us to grow in how we understand each other, our place in our communities and in the larger world.

Stories gift us with much to think about. Challenge what we thought we knew. Offer us ways to stretch ourselves so that we move beyond where we are and do not remain stuck. Sometimes this hurts. Sometimes it is uncomfortable. Sometimes it feels absolutely right.

There is a certain magic contained in picture books. They draw us in. More importantly and more powerfully, they draw us together. Sharing a picture book is about gathering close. As the story unfolds, emotions, thoughts and reactions weave in and around the listeners. New learning is shared learning…

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