Fixed Vs. Growth Mindset – The Round Roti

A great post from Ritu:

FAIL is not a bad thing!

F – First
A – Attempt
I – In
L – Learning

PS: She makes great chapattis too 😀

But I Smile Anyway...

Just this week, I had a most interesting staff meeting.

Staff meeting… Interesting… not necessarily two things that are often in the same sentence!

But seriously, this week we had a twilight training session (meaning we were there for three hours) all about Mindset & Motivation, and Evidence-Based Teaching.

It was fascinating!

Led by Robin Launder, an ex-prison officer turned teacher, I spent an insightful three hours extending my knowledge about mindset.

Prison officer… teacher… the similarities are vast if you think logically.

  • You are both responsible for vast amounts of other people.
  • You have to deal with behaviour issues.
  • You both need to set limits and boundaries with regards to behaviour.
  • You can find your work/life balance heavily teetering on the work side.

Who knew? I am basically a Prison Officer but for smaller inmates!

No, that is taking things a little far… My little darlings are far from…

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