Three Reasons to Exercise – Guest Post…

Both the Transplant Games and the Olympics are finished and the athletes have returned home with their stories, memories and awards. But, the essence for activity has not vanished into thin air. Many athletes know the importance of movement for their bodies and brains. Indeed, as Maurice Slapak, initiator of the Transplant Games, believed that exercise was important to help people heal after their surgeries. This article explores the benefits of exercise, you don’t have to be as refined as a Games athlete but performing exercise every day will help your body and life.

1)     The Body and Bones

Physically, exercise is good for the bones and body. The National Osteoporosis Society says, “Exercise is important in building strong bones in your early years but also throughout life in strengthening your muscles and bones and reducing your risk of a fragility fracture.” Now, you may not have osteoporosis but knowing that exercise can prevent your bones suffering as you age is worth remembering.

The purpose of the Transplant Games is to support people who have had an organ transplant in their healing. But, don’t wait until you need to recuperate from an operation, exercise is still the best way to stay active and maintain a healthy body.

Furthermore, once your body starts moving the glucose levels balance and your breathing increases which makes your heart pump harder and support the muscles in your body. The glucose levels in your body can fluctuate by themselves through movement and oxygen rather than being distressed by lack of movement.


2)     Lifts Depression

Emotionally, exercise is amazing. It’s funny how we were put on this earth and have so many natural things at our disposal all of which are joyous and good for us. Just going for a walk outside in nature is one of the best things you can do to get your heart beating properly and that’s not even putting your running shoes on and going out for a run or lifting a bat to hit a ball.

The feel-good hormones, or Endorphins, mentioned above stabilize the body and help circulate the blood to the right places, make the brain feel good and lift depression or sadness. What’s more, exercise supports happiness and reduces stress, so when you’re finished you’ll be feeling less concerned about your boss or kid’s behaviour and the bursts of hormonal changes will raise your heartbeat and allow the Dopamine to travel through your body and all in all you’ll feel good and happy that you took that first step in the first place.

Oh, and just on an extra note, Dopamine is one of the hormones that aids sleep. So, when you exercise your body tires which means you’ll be well-rested for the next day to start rejuvenating your body again and give you more energy to move for the next day. Furthermore, if you have any sleeping disorders exercise cancels them out and your weary body will sleep instead of stay awake during the night. A sure-fire recipe to prevent insomnia.

3)     Strengthen friendships and improves confidence

Strengthen friendships, you may be wondering. How can exercise do that?

Well, here’s how, the more effectively you exercise the better you feel and the better you feel then the more happiness exudes from you. And with a happier demeanour you are more likely to attract people and people will want to be with you. They’ll want to run with you, they’ll want to play badminton or pickle ball doubles with you and they’ll want to share your enthusiasm and sportsmanship attitude.

So, you’ll create friendships and the more you move you’ll strengthen those same relationships, which in life is a good thing. Furthermore, you will be thinking of exercise as an opportunity to move your body, feel good and promote your friendships. You’ll begin to look forward to the next club meeting or Games and the comradery will deepen, as well.

Also, you’ll feel better about yourself and you’ll increase your confidence in doing new things or meeting new people. You’ll feel good and see your progress and you’ll become more agile and less stiff and you’ll feel good inside yourself and when you look in the mirror. So, I suggest, exercise, stay healthy and move. Confidence is joy. We all like people who are confident, strong and brave. Don’t we? 

Imagine what the Olympic athletes are doing now to prepare for the next round of events. They (and the transplant recipients) won’t be sitting around waiting for the next few years to pass by. They’ll be preparing for the next Games, no matter which country they’ll be visiting. Many of those athletes are practicing their sport to win their next Gold medal.

Stay active, even through the winter. Find the reason to put your skates on and find an ice rink or make one in your back yard. Take the time to get to the swimming pool and get the bike out and cycle around your neighbourhood and if the snow piles up too high outside your house or the rains prevail, then find the exercise DVDs and grab a couple of soup cans (to give the weight challenge) and get active!

Caroline McIntosh

Download a digital version to support the British Transplant Games.

Giving an organ is one of the most wonderful things anyone can do.

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15 thoughts on “Three Reasons to Exercise – Guest Post…

  1. I’m so envious of those who are able to excercise. A health condition makes it almost impossible for me. It is very frustrating to watch others not exercise, when I would love to so much. I am lucky though, in that I am able to go for a bit of a walk a couple of times a week.

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  2. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    Some great reasons to exercise and also a terrific cause.. Being an organ donor is surprisingly life affirming. Although you might no longer have use of your body, one of your organs might save the life or sight or another human. Wonderful to think that you are leaving behind such a legacy. Head over and read Caroline’s great advice and spread the message.

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