20 Authors Reveal What They Wear Whilst Writing Their Books #Writerslife #Author #writer

All Highly Fashionable Attire to my mind 😀


Author Interviews

Welcome to my weekly blog series – Author Interviews.

I am taking another week off interviewing this week as I just want to share this special post with you. It has been building up inside of me for sometime.

As you know I have been regularly interviewing authors about their writing practices and experiences. In each interview I have also asked the authors to tell me what they wear whilst working on their novels.

This valuable insight into a writer’s life deserves a summary blog post!

So, let’s see what 20 authors wear whilst writing their books:

  1. Pyjamas covered in baby spit. Helen Treharne.
  2. One wild and colourful item. Kelsey Horton.
  3. Tweed pyjamas, lucky pants and a fake beard. Tom Hocknell.
  4. An authentic Tudor doublet and host, whilst wearing medieval shoes with fashionably long toes. Tony Riches.
  5. Something cool and glamorous. Helen Jones.
  6. Cheese and coffee stains. Geoff Le Pard.

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