A Summer Dream in Songs of Summer – Guest Post…


A Short Short Story by Malia Ann Haberman

I stand in the Summer Sun and twirl with my arms wide open. Summer’s Here! Hey Summer! It’s finally Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer I’ve been waiting for all year.

Giggling, I stumble to a stop so I can let the Summer Sunshine caress my Summer Fevered skin. Summer Means Fun and I feel like singing a Summer Serenade to the gorgeous Happy Summertime day. No Summertime Blues for me. No Siree! I’m going to Celebrate the Summer while having Hot Fun in the Summertime. I’ll laugh and play On the Beach in the Summertime along with all the other beautiful Girls in Their Summer Clothes and the thrilling Boys of Summer.

I smile as the Summer Wind catches my hair and brushes it across my face, tickling my nose. The wind brings with it a welcome Blast of Summer. It’s like Summer Paradise as a playful Summer Breeze performs an entertaining Summer Dance in the golden Summer Sand.

Wrapping my arms around my waist, I stare up at wispy clouds drifting Over the Summer Sea of deep-blue. My heart fills with Summer Feeling while my mind drifts away to Summer Dreaming. The Summer Days and Summer Nights will surly be filled with Summer Magic, won’t they?

I touch my lips. Maybe I’ll experience a breath-taking Summer Kiss beneath a silvery Summer Moon, and maybe I’ll have a lovely Summer Romance that will last All Summer Long. I stomp my foot. I refuse to have another Cruel Summer or sad Summer in the City while I cry through too many Lonely Summer Nights. I swear it’ll be a good-time Flipflop Summer of Long Hot Summer excitement.

I close my eyes and imagine meeting my Summer Love while on a delicious Picnic in the Summertime. It will be instant Sweet Summer Lovin’ and Summer Madness will become our Feel Good Hit of the Summer. Of course, we’ll run laughing in the Summer Rain as Summer Lightning flashes and thunder booms the wild Sounds of Summer. We’ll fall into each other’s arms and he’ll tell me, “You Have the Summer in Your Smile. I hope this isn’t just another Summer Illusion like I had Suddenly Last Summer.”

We’ll spend our Summer Days and Endless Summer Nights enjoying Summer’s Fiesta while wishing it was Always Summer. I shiver with anticipation as I picture us cruising Summer Roads in his red convertible while loving the Summer Side of Life. Then at the end of each day we’ll watch the vibrant Summer Sunset as we listen to a Song for a Summer Night.

I know our sweet Summer Voyage must come to an end, but as The Green Leaves of Summer turn autumn orange and red, I’ll wish again for The First Day of Summer as my Summer Holiday and the Summer Heat drift away. So as I say Farewell My Summer Love I’ll hold my Summer Souvenirs close to my heart because I know I’ll always remember my first Summer of Love.

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