A poetic legacy – from Chris Graham, the Story Reading Ape #books

Yet again I thank Sue for this great opportunity to talk about Mum’s Book and give a flavour of the sights and sounds of one poem 😀
See the videos on Sue’s blog post 😀

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Thank you Sue for this wonderful opportunity to talk about Mum’s recently published book ‘My Vibrating Vertebrae: and other poems’.

Before I do though, I’d also like to thank two other special people:

My little sister, Lorna, for finding, compiling and typing all Mum’s poems she could find before sending them to me for further action. I know this was a true labour of love for her.

My lovely author friend and editor, Jo Robinson, for doing such a great job of arranging, editing and formatting Mum’s poems while maintaining Mum’s ‘Voice’ – Not the easiest of things to do, especially when not familiar with some of the Ulster / Scots terminology used by everyone in Mum’s home town, even I struggle with it sometimes and I lived there for 27 years before leaving for other lands and climes.

See details of what Author Support Services Jo offers in…

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  1. Hi Chris, I didn’t know your beautiful mom had passed away. I know how hard it is to lose parents. 😦 It’s so cool that you have these wonderful poems to remember her by and that you had so much awesome help getting them out into the world for people to enjoy.

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