Why Do Authors Need a Copyright?

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One day, while I was surfing Facebook (eye roll) my friend, Teagan, from Teagan’s Books, said something about getting a copyright. That got me to thinking… I am going to self-publish my novel soon. Do I need to get a copyright?

If you are like me, I know next to nothing about copyright law. I do have a basic understanding of the concept and realize it is something that does protect us, authors. So, I decided to investigate the issue of copyrights. After all, I do want to protect my writing. I really want to know how necessary this step really is.

By the way, I have tried to only present information that is from reputable websites. If you are considering a copyright always consult a lawyer who can advise you on your rights.

Here is what I found out from writerswrite.com (Please click on the link to read…

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13 thoughts on “Why Do Authors Need a Copyright?

    • A great read, and without question, a timely, noteworthy subject matter.
      A fairly common misconception on the topic, is that the work must be registered with both The US Copyright Office and The Library of Congress. Not so, at the basic / fundamental level, (The Author – Originator) of the material owns it, in printed or electronic form the minute it’s complete.
      Whether the work has been ” Officially” registered or not.

      Foregoing a lengthy dissertation on ” Public Domain,” which amounts to nothing more than a defense tactic; commonly used by those in violation.

      My thoughts on the subject are simple, ” Ignorance of the Law is not an excuse.”

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