Pirated Books

Further to my reblog regarding registering your copyright, (see my reblog post before this one) Claire gives advice regarding copyright infringement/ piracy and gives a link to a program to help authors find said infringements…

5 thoughts on “Pirated Books

  1. Thanks for sharing Chris. I have found several of my books apparently available on pirate sites. However anyone wishing to download is asked to register prior to doing so and I strongly suspect the websites in question do not have the books but are, in fact phishing scams aimed at harvesting personal information. As an aside (and as many users of KDP Select will be aware), books enrolled in KDP Select must be exclusive to the programme. Amazon do check whether this is the case and it occurs to me that if they (Amazon) come across books available (or seemingly available) on sites other than Amazon they may remove the works in question from KDP Select construing the books availability elsewhere as a breech of Amazon’s Terms. This would (obviously) be through no fault of the author but would be difficult for him 9(or her) to challenge Amazon’s decision. Kevin

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    • Another text book example regarding (the obvious) lack of common sense. Amazon should know better, and do a better job of protecting their authors rights. They’ve got ( both) the money and the technology to weed out that kind of madness.

      The same can be said of Facebook, on a number of related issues.

      Why on earth would an author ( after signing on and agreeing to Amazons policy) violate the terms of the agreement, and in essence, undermine / sabbotage their right to get paid for their work? Piracy is huge issue, with a few to many in position to do something about, clearly, are not doing enough to circumvent that kind of madness.

      I, for one, would know. I’ve got untold ( unauthorized copies) of my yet to be published manuscripts out there.
      Here’s the kicker, most who have rerad them ( like) what they’ve read.

      To date, a legitimate book deal is no where in sight? Which goes straight to the heart of this discussion.
      Why pay for the material, when you can steal it?

      Nuff said …. have a good one.

      Talk to you later.

      Sherman L. Bailey



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