Australia Post #scam email

Australians, please read this ALERT from Meeka

Meeka's Mind

This one really had me going for a sec. Have a look:

Australia Post scam

We’ve been getting a lot of parcels lately, the Offspring and I, so when I saw this email, my first thought was that it was genuine. Luckily the weight shown below the bogus tracking number – 1.67 kg – made me suspicious as nothing we’ve bought has been heavy.

The very next thing I looked at was the ‘From’ line which reads:

Australia Post <>

Quite apart from the weird email address for a supposed national postal service, the country code is ‘.es’ and that stands for Spain, not Australia. So I think I can safely say this was not from my friendly post office.

I can also say that as a scam, this looks bloody good. The graphics are all correct. I couldn’t see an obvious typo or poor grammar. No attachment to be wary of, and…

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14 thoughts on “Australia Post #scam email

  1. If I received this I’d probably be suspicious as well – but my aging parents-in-law would definitely fall for it (like they have for others in the past). Thanks so much for letting us know it’s doing the rounds, I’ll warn them not to open it.

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  2. Even in the UK, we get this scam. I’m always receiving emails about things I never ordered. Best to delete immediately, but there’s always the risk that it might be genuine, isn’t there? I tend to delete and hope it wasn’t something I actually did order.

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