Alas, Poor Waterstone’s, I Knew Thee Well. The UK’s Biggest Bookstore Shuts The Door On Ebooks.

I didn’t know anything about this before seeing this post – so here’s a timely alert thanks to Mark…

Mark Williams - The International Indie Author


The UK’s prestigious Waterstone’s bookstore chain (the British equivalent of B&N for those unfamiliar) has finally called it a day with its token ebook store, and customers have until mid-June to transition to Kobo.

I’ve been with the Waterstone’s ebook store since the beginning. It helped make one of my titles the eleventh bestselling ebook in the UK back in 2011, and while sales hardly compared to Kindle UK, they were well worth having.

That was then. In recent years Waterstone’s sales have dwindled dreadfully (to be fair possibly a reflection of my shift to children’s titles the last two years, which are generally less rewarding as ebooks) and it’s long since become clear the Waterstone’e book store had lost the will to live. Waterstone’s chief James Daunt knows a futile battle when he sees one. I’m just surprised it took this long.

It’s another notch on Amazon’s bedpost. Waterstone’s…

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15 thoughts on “Alas, Poor Waterstone’s, I Knew Thee Well. The UK’s Biggest Bookstore Shuts The Door On Ebooks.

  1. I had the pleasure of visiting Waterstones in Cork in Ireland and Belfast in Northern Ireland. Is it just the ebook section that’s folding, or are the physical stores in danger now?

    Irony, Amazon is starting to open physical stores.

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  2. I think it was clear from Day 1 that no deal with Amazon to sell Kindle files was ever going to be profitable for another major retailer. With real book sales rising again, this probably makes financial sense. Why spend a lot of money on supporting a platform that generates no realistic revenue?

    Plenty of people out there with KOBO s too, as sold in W H Smiths and Sainsbury’s, and it’s easy enough to make a book available there.

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