What Should Be Included On Your Book Copyright Page?

Excerpt from an informative article on The Write One Site:

Obtaining the copyright for your newly complete manuscript is an essential part of protecting your work. Once you have gotten the rights to your creation, you are free to start setting up your book copyright page! Now, I’m sure as a newbie writer you are wondering what exactly needs to go on your copyright page. Every book you’ve ever read probably has some variation from the next. However, there are a few key things that absolutely must be included on your copyright page.

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What Should Be Included On Your Book Copyright Page?



11 thoughts on “What Should Be Included On Your Book Copyright Page?

  1. o_O Oooh my love affair with copyrights… I realize that it’s all a somewhat false sense of security. It’s copyrighted because we put it to print. We can *register* the copyright with the government for more “protection”… But books get pirated every day. Characters are hijacked all the time (as I know personally, and sometimes it seems like other writers “shop” at my blog for character names, with “Oh I couldn’t help it, my muse told me to use your character names.”)…
    So I know that when it comes down to it, my beloved copyright is not much good unless I have an expensive attorney at my back.
    Yet I still get my copyrights registered. I’m still proud each time. They’re my badges of honor in a way.
    Thanks for sharing this info, dear Ape. Mega hugs.

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  2. I think wording to the effect that breeches of copyright will be dealt with via the visit of a large tree dwelling ape should prevent any possible breeches of an author’s rights, provided of course one gains the permission of the esteemed ape to use such a statement …

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