Zoe’s Apparition

Zoe’s Apparition

The apparition rushed in behind me and then floated slowly into the center of the living room, hovering ominously above me as I stood there, stone-cold still. What was it and what did it want?

Profile Pic_My Name Is Zoe
Hello dear fans and friends. I am Zoe the Fabulous Feline. I am an author and I mostly write stories about my life and experiences. Sometimes my stories include my human, Emily, but this one does not, so I will say no more about her. Back to my story. In retrospect, this was a pretty funny experience – I repeat – in retrospect.

We sat there, almost together actually. I still didn’t know what it was, this dark thing that had followed me home. No, I didn’t know what it was but I knew what it wanted . . . me! I had tried to run away, but it followed close behind and when I got home, it followed me right through the front door and into the living room. It seemed to mirror my every move.

I had thought I was seeing a ghost, but as far as I knew, ghosts were white, like Casper, who was a friendly ghost, right? This thing was so dark, it could not be anything like Casper and it certainly did not look friendly. So what was it?


I meowed at the dark thing, asking what it wanted. But it remained silent. I tried once more with the same result. At that point, I had only one thought: I better hightail it outta here and get somewhere safe! And that’s what I did; I raced into the next room, heading for the deck doors, meowing and growling loudly the whole way. When I got to the deck doors, I turned around to face the apparition, figuring it was time not to run away but to have a showdown. But it was nowhere to be seen. Guess it decided not to mess with the fabulous feline after all!


I strolled back into the living room, looking forward to a much-needed nap high on the perch of my carpeted cat condo. My condo was by the large bay window and was bathed in sunlight. It looked so inviting and, without hesitation, I jumped up into the top bed and turned around a few times to get comfortable. I found my spot and laid my head down on my paws. That’s when I saw it again. The darn dark thing was back and it was right on the floor near my condo! It looked bigger . . . or at least taller . . . than it had before. I was so startled that I let out with some God-awful hissing and growling. The noise brought my human running into the room.

She saw me with my back arched, spitting and hissing at the thing on the floor. “Silly Zoe,” said she. “Are you really afraid of your own shadow?

Zoe & Emily both live HERE

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20 thoughts on “Zoe’s Apparition

  1. Hey, Zoe. I’ve done some pretty silly things in my time as well. But like you said, they don’t seem silly at the time. After all, it is a matter of perspective, right? The blessing (and might I add, relief) is being able to see the humor in it after the threat has disappeared — hopefully, never to return again. I commend your bravery in going public. You are indeed a Fabulous Feline 🙂

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    • Hey, Miss Tina…my favorite, also-fabulous fan and friend! Yes, I agree with everything you said…including that reference to “Fabulous Feline”–you know what’s important. On a more serious note, though, thank you for reading and commenting.

      Liked by 2 people


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