Creating a Spiral Word Graphic

Pssst Got time on your hands and wanna have fun?
Check out what Ritu did 😄😄😄

But I Smile Anyway...

I was asked how I managed to do this, by Erika, my Soul Blog Sis, then Dear Hugh was also intrigued, so here is a post to quickly show you what I did!


A wonderful spiral word graphic! Well, there is nothing that Google can’t help you with! It referred me to a great Youtube video initially, but that was for those who had Adobe Photoshop, and I didn’t so I carried on my search and found another site…


I was directed to a site called Festisite, where it was simple! And there are other things you can do on there too, but I haven’t explored fully yet!

But here is one of my poems ‘heartified’!


So go forth and explore!!!

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