Want to publish your book yourself? 12 things to consider before you start


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By international bestselling novelist Sarah Rayner

books on stairs

Let me cut to the chase. There is a huge amount out there about self-publishing, and I don’t want to double up on what other authors have already shared when a few links can point you in their direction, so you’ll find the links below. Plus there’s a limit to how much I want to write about self-publishing. It strikes me that self-publishing a book on self-publishing is a bit like looking in parallel mirrors, you know when you see endless pictures of yourself, repeated ad infinitum into the distant darkness? My grandmother had a set of mirrors like that, and they always seemed downright spooky to me. So, here are 12 things that I have learned self-publishing my ‘Making Friends…’ series of self-help books, that I hope add to the discourse and are helpful.

  1.  Before you venture into self-publishing, take a long, hard look at yourself. Ask yourself if you’re…

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