The Moment of Clarity (Guest Post by #Author Toni Pike)

Light Bulb

The Moment of Clarity

The moment when we decide to achieve a dream

The moment of clarity is the most mysterious part of achieving a dream. It is that one lucid moment before you start to follow a plan and achieve a goal. No one can explain why, after years of longing and setting targets that were never met, everything changes. It is a magic moment when the fog in your mind lifts and your purpose becomes clear.

Just pretend for a moment that you want to go on a holiday. Not just a few days by the beach, but an overseas trip that you have been thinking about for a long time. There is a vague idea in your mind that you would love to see a certain part of the world.

When and why did you decide that you would love to see Scandinavia or Asia or spend a month in Italy? Did it start years ago, perhaps even when you were a child? I know that when I was at school I dreamed of visiting the United States, and later I longed to visit Europe. Other people might decide that they want to trek through the Himalayas or climb Mt Kilimanjaro. You definitely won’t see me there!

When is it that we actually start to take action to make those dreams a reality? Sometimes people start planning a trip years in advance while others leave it to the last minute. There is always a moment, though, when the dreams change and start to become real plans instead of a thought bubble.

It is the same with your writing dreams. Before you start to make a plan, you have that wonderful thought in your mind, perhaps to write a novel or a non-fiction book. The bridge between the dream and the plan is that magic moment of clarity.

Those goals we never met

Why is it that despite having a dream, we do not take the first steps needed to achieve it? Or perhaps we begin, but lose interest after a few days or even less. Is it lack of motivation or willpower? Are we not meant to be successful? Or are we too lazy to get ourselves motivated? No, of course not! We are simply normal people who have not experienced that moment of clarity.

People will spend years wishing they could achieve their dream. There may have been all sorts of reasons to motivate them and many goals that they wanted to achieve. Every one of those was the perfect motivating factor. But did it cause them to reach that moment of clarity? For some reason, it was not enough to spur them into action. And then suddenly there is one more moment, one more factor and the decision is made, and the journey begun.

The trigger moment before our brains light up

The moment of clarity has two stages. First, there is the trigger moment when something happens, big or small.

We have all heard of the trigger on a gun. Until the trigger is pulled, a gun will not fire a single shot. But after that, it’s ready, aim, fire! In our mind we have a trigger moment and and we are off, changing our life forever.

What could be a trigger moment? It can be big or small, and it can be something that has already happened to us dozens or hundreds of times before. You might look in the mirror or hear about someone else’s achievement. Or you might hear a little voice in your brain telling you that the moment has arrived.

The real trigger is not the event that happened to you. The trigger is a thought process in your head, the reaction you have to that special moment. After that, you flick a switch in your mind and suddenly turn on a light bulb in your brain.

The light bulb moment

The light bulb moment is the second stage in the moment of clarity.

Our brain is like a light bulb that gives us bright, white light when we turn on the right switch. First there is a trigger moment that sets off all sorts of sparks and interconnections inside our head. Then we flick the switch and have light. We feel as if we have emerged from the darkness.

The human brain is a very complex piece of machinery. Scientists have only started to understand it, and when you combine that with our heart and soul, you can see why no one can really explain what makes us suddenly decide to achieve a dream.

How do you know that you have reached that moment of clarity and turned on a light bulb in your brain? To tell the truth, that very special moment might be over before you realise. You will remember the trigger moment, but the light bulb moment is hard to recall.

You will know that it has happened when you start to make plans and set a goal.

Have you made plans to achieve your dream?

Toni Pike

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27 thoughts on “The Moment of Clarity (Guest Post by #Author Toni Pike)

  1. Conceptually I would agree. Still I felt enervated and displeased, when I finally published my first ebook. The moment the dream was fulfilled it was time for the mind to face reality again, and that is not the place for hopes and dreams.

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    • Yes, you’re right about that – that is the time to start marketing, and that can be a very disheartening activity. But don’t forget that it’s also the time to start planning your next writing project. I’m working on the second book in my series – and buyers like to see that authors have written more than one book. Several people who’ve reviewed my book have said “looking forward to the next book in the series.” Marketing takes a lot of time – and we need to balance that with also finding enough time to write our new project. Don’t forget that being able to self-publish is a very nice alternative to the depressing thought of receiving nothing but rejection letters from literary agents or publishers. We are very lucky these days that self-publishing allows us to publish for free – and we can receive so much support from sites like Chris’s and the entire indie support network.

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  2. Reblogged this on mira prabhu and commented:
    “Until the trigger is pulled, a gun will not fire a single shot. But after that, it’s ready, aim, fire! In our mind we have a trigger moment and and we are off, changing our life forever.” Toni Pike speaks of that single flashing moment of clarity when we decide to take on a project…in my case, each of my three novels began as seeds planted in my mind a very long time ago…Whip took me 20 years to complete, Krishna’s Counsel, on it way out of the womb, probably about 16 years, and Copper Moon dates back to my years in the Himalayas, another 16 years….the root of karma is thought – followed by speech and action – and everything we do must first originate in the mind and the heart. Read on….and thank you Chris Graham, for sharing.

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