British Vs American English: 100+ Differences Illustrated Infographics…

To see the rest (scrolling required) and read the comments between them, click on the link or image of the first Infographic below:

British-American english-differences-language/



19 thoughts on “British Vs American English: 100+ Differences Illustrated Infographics…

  1. Funny post. Thanks for sharing. I tried to post another comment but it did not accept it. I had mentioned a funny story about finding a toilet in Portugal. Well, maybe I will share it another time. I guess it didn’t like my Portuguese. Lol!

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  2. I’m not on FB or G+ so I’m putting my comments from a UK view here:
    A ‘jacket’ potato is a potato baked with its ‘skin’ (jacket) on. A ‘baked’ potato is baked with the skin removed.
    We do use ‘sweater’ fir jumper – a ‘pullover’ tends to be a jumper without sleeves.
    In the US a ‘vest’ is a waistcoat – in the UK a ‘vest’ is an undergarment.
    When we are ‘hungry’ we are hungry – peckish is when we just fancy a little snack.
    A schedule is a list of things to do in a period of time.
    We also use the term molasses – not in exchange for ‘treacle’ but for the thicker less refined product – ‘treacle’ is like the dark version of ‘golden syrup’.

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  3. This is great, but I have a link to a site that also offers Canadian usage and spelling, because ya know, we Canadians at times swing either way between the two major forms of English. But then, you know all about swinging, don’t you, Mr. Ape?

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