Is it just me?

I agree with Jean about this and have decided NOT to subscribe to sites that have them – except one site because the owner is a friend and presents outstandingly informative articles (You Know Who You Are)…

Jean's Writing

Am I the only person going nuts with all the pop-up boxes on websites and blogs?

Enough already! It’s as bad as dealing with 20 commercials every 10 minutes during a television show!

Come on as frustrating as that is, I’m used to it and avoid the dreaded avalanche by recording and fast forwarding through the commercials.

But I just thought TV commercials were the most frustrating sales pitch. Right up there next to the telemarketing phone calls during dinner.

That is, until someone invented the website pop-up box!

Sign up

This trend needs to fade away and soon.

I hate clicking on a new website, only to have my screen blocked by a huge square wanting me to either, a) buy something or b) subscribe for a newsletter. 

We all want more readers and followers. We all want people to like our blogs, and buy our books. However, I’m not sure…

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