Zoe Comments on Danny the Dog

Zoe Comments on Danny the Dog

dec story photoHello to all my friends and fans out there! I was just sitting here, relaxing, wondering which story I would tell you today. But first, for those who do not know me, I am Zoe, the Fabulous (and fearless) Feline and I am a cat author. No, I do not write about cats. I am a cat who writes about her adventures in life.

Sometimes my adventures mention “Emily”; she is the human I adopted about 6 years or so ago. Sometimes they are just observations on life or about things I’ve read. That’s what I’m going to tell you about today. I read a story my friend, Danny the Dog, wrote recently and I just have to comment on it.

Now, if you don’t know Danny, don’t expect me to tell you about him—at least not any more than what’s in this story, and trust me, that will be brief. You can read of Danny the Dog’s adventures elsewhere on The Ape’s site.

The adventure story of Danny’s that I want to talk about today was the one about thunder and how it scares him. Yes, you read that right. Danny the Dog . . . he who calls himself fearless . . . is afraid of thunder!

I don’t mean to sound contemptuous, but come on now—thunder is just noise. It’s not a big, bad wolf. It’s not a monster that will eat you as a snack. It’s not a hose with water shooting out of it. (That is really scary.) Thunder is not a fierce feline like myself, or even a dog-catcher; it’s just noise, for goodness sake!

We all have our fears and phobias. My human jumps out of her skin if she even sees a bug. My friend, Tom the Wild Turkey, the object of my November story, is afraid of “thanksgiving.” I freak out when the vet gives me a manicure, but that is not fear; that is anger, pure and simple. All I’m trying to say is, I guess Danny can be nervous when he hears thunder. I have empathy for the poor pooch, I do. But here is the $64,000 question: How did the term “scaredy-CAT” get into the English language?

Want to know what I really think? I think Danny is fearless. I think he is also very smart. I would bet that he only pretends to be afraid of thunder to get more attention and a treat from his human. And it seems to work. Nice going, Danny my friend!

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22 thoughts on “Zoe Comments on Danny the Dog

  1. Hey Zoe – Tink the guest-blogging Shih Tzu here (tho’ only on my mom’s blog, ADDandSoMuchMORE.com). Pleased to meetcha’ – but I’m not sure I can agree in this cats vs. dogs debate (at least not where I am concerned, or any of my blog buddies). Bacon might have us all edged out anyway – he’s a blogging pig.

    My breed was exclusive to the Chinese Imperial Court before the fall of some great big wall the 2-legs still talk about, so I’m descended from royalty. Cute cleverness is in my royal blood – or so says Mom. Today’s 2-legs don’t stand a chance against that (or Aunt Peggy’s cat, who gives me a wide berth whenever Mom & I visit, but I think that’s because she’s shy).

    Anyway – pleased to meetcha’ – I’ll try to link something you’ve written as Related Content on my next post, so you can follow the trail to pay me a visit. Not all Royals are snobby. I really like just about everybody.
    Woof! Tink

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  2. Hi Zoe, Pinky the Cat here. I’m not afraid of thunder, but my dogs are, just like Danny. It’s a “scaredy-dog” thing. Ha ha ha. They haven’t been civilized as long as cats, I guess. I don’t like the vet either, or vacuum cleaners, or little humans, but those things are actually dangerous! It does seem like Danny has Andrew well-trained, though, so maybe he’s smarter than the average bear. 🙂

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    • Well, I don’t know about that, Noelle…he *does* get the hugs and treats from his human, after all, so he must be pretty clever–for a dog. But, hey! Who am I to disagree with such an astute human as yourself?!

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