Danny and Thunder

Danny and Thunder

Danny & ThunderI am fearless. I am Danny the Dog and (to be redundant) I fear nothing. I chase squirrels, chickens, raccoons, ducks and of course, cats. However, there is one thing that kind of gets to me, and that is thunder. I don’t know why that is. My human, whose name is Andrew, told me I should go to a doggie psychiatrist and have a past life regression. He said maybe in a past life I had a run in with Thor, the god of thunder.

Did I ever tell you that Andrew is an idiot?

Usually I have very little to do with Andrew. I take him for a walk a couple of times a day. I allow him to feed me and give me treats, but for the most part, he goes his way and I go mine. But when it thunders, I want to be as close to him as possible. He’s always on the computer. He went nuts a few years ago and threw the television out the window and he hasn’t replaced it yet. So there he sits, staring at the computer screen day after day. He tells me he’s trying to write, but I know better. Anyway, back to me.

So, when it thunders, I crawl up on his lap and come between him and his precious computer. But I have to hand it to the old reprobate, he stops what he’s doing, puts his arm around me and tells me not to worry.

As soon as the storm passes, I jump down and go back to ignoring him and he goes back to whatever he was doing, probably on a dating site begging some poor female to go out with him.

The accompanying picture was taken during the height of a thunderstorm. I want you all to know that I usually don’t look so forlorn. Now if you will excuse me, there’s a mother duck and her babies swimming by our boat (do ducks swim?), and I must bark at them. After all, this is my turf and I must defend it to the last bark . . . because I am fearless.

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36 thoughts on “Danny and Thunder

  1. Hi Danny, Bobby Dog here. My human is making her night time drink so I sneaked on here while she’s busy. For a small dog I’m a very brave soul myself but like you I have a fear of thunder and fireworks. I go into what my human calls ‘mountain goat mode’. I don’t know why but I have to climb on everything and my human has to shut me out of the room with the computer because I feel compelled to climb onto the table and sit on it. She provides me with cubby holes to hide in but I don’t feel safe in them. She’s tried cuddling me – normally I love cuddles – but gets frustrated when I insist on clinbing higher and drapping myself round her neck. Oooo got to go – I can hear her stirring her drink . . . .

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    • Hi Bobby — That’s interesting, I’ll try to climb up on Andrew’s head the next time some thunder passes by and see if that helps. And by the way, Andrew is always either making a drink, drinking a drink, or has just finished a drink.Then he starts the whole process all over again.

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