Twitter: Making your own picture tweets

In case you missed this informative post 😃


Great article by Taylor Fulks:

Source: Twitter: Making your own picture tweets  Using an iPad, PicCollage App, and Pixabay to make your own picture tweets that look professional and savvy.


Making your own Picture tweets…

They say, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” It’s true. Even the worst picture, whether grotesque or poorly taken, will capture your attention longer than mere words from a text. So, if you want what you have to say to get noticed, resonate with your audience, and be profound, you need to post it in some type of visual form.

Tell. Then breathe…Picture tweet image

My biggest frustration on this journey has been my ignorance of technology. Second, would be the lack of information sharing. I’ll find a site that is too cool for words; I’m shaking with excitement as I tell a…

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2 thoughts on “Twitter: Making your own picture tweets

  1. This at the moment overwhelms me. I love Twitter and especially enjoy making it stand out but one more thing just whelks me. So I saved this post for a rainy day when I have nothing to do. That or you could send me an email w instructions in 140 characters or so! 😉

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