Shift Word Choice in the favour of Emotion…Infographic…


12 thoughts on “Shift Word Choice in the favour of Emotion…Infographic…

  1. Basically take an English derived Latin word and change in an English Saxon barbarian one… I’m happy you still recognise us, your past Latin masters, as rational while Saxon as emotional (just barbarians).


  2. Interesting to note that many of the intellectual words derive from Latin while the emotional words have Germanic origins. Just a couple of examples: fortunate (from L. fortunatus) and lucky (from Dutch, cognate with German gluck). Also manufacture (from late Latin manufact, to make by hand) and make (ultimately related to German machen)
    I agree with Mobiuswolf that the words have differing connotations and you just have to pick the word that best fits your purpose in all instances. Actually, my termite characters speak a quite formal diction with lots of intellectual words. Does that surprise you?

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  3. I’m not buying that. Many of those don’t even mean the same thing and many more have a fuller, more nuanced meaning. Dumbing down your language, in many of those instances, actually portrays less emotion.

    They do have fewer letters, mostly. :o)

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    • I agree – for example take anecdote and joke – one is a story about something you have experienced (not necessarily funny) – and a joke is a joke, something with a punchline, something designed to make you laugh – often with hyperbole.
      In the debate between statistics and your own observances, it is anecdotes, not jokes that do not trump scientific studies.

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