MORE New ’79 Words Story Challenge’ Entrants…

79 WSC

I’m delighted to see that many of you STILL seem to be having fun rising to the 79 Word Challenge set by Author Andrew Joyce.

For anyone who still doesn’t know what this is all about and catch up with the previous 35 entrants, click HERE to check out Andrew’s story and challenge, then:

HERE to see the first seven great entries

HERE to see the second post with ten more stories

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The Train by Jane Dougherty

Jane Dougherty

The train raced along the disused track.

Rocking from side to side it clattered along the rusted rails, catching in the faint beam of its headlamps the brighter eyes of rodents and the wary fox, and blood ran red upon the rust red of the rails.

The mad train entered the tunnel’s maw, and the blackness swallowed up the rocking and clattering.

Deep into the mountain, the train sped, following the tracks in the tunnel that had no end.


The Halloween Brooch by Marjorie Mallon

Marjorie Mallon

Inside the shop I heard raised voices.

I lunged in.

The mysterious voices began to whisper.

It was cramped, hardly room to move or breathe.

Antiques jostled for my attention on over stacked shelves.

I picked up a tiny painted brooch of a young girl crying.

I heard a high pitched scream echoing, then riotous laughter.

When I saw my reflection in an antique mirror, I wailed.

A wrinkled granny stared back at me wearing the brooch, she cackled.


Going by Gigi Sedimayer

Gigi Sedlmayer

Go away, I thought and wiped my nose with one finger.

I felt a fly was crawling there.

But it was gone already.

Lying still, I then smelled the salty air.



We are moving?

And it’s rumbling?

Smiling, I slowly opened my eyes and turned to look out of the small, round window.

We are on the cruise-ship’, I screamed. ‘To Australia. Yippee. Kangaroos, Koalas, Cockatoos. 

I sprang out of bed and ran out of my cabin.


The Child and The Prophet by Patricia Anne Pierce-garcia Schaack

Patricia Anne Pierce-garcia Schaack

Sixteen times, she stood at the base of the y-shaped path covered with autumn leaves stretching in two different directions.

Sixteen times, she closed her eyes; sixteen times she opened them.

The path remained.

She knew if she closed and opened her eyes again, it would still be there.

Scared?” said The Prophet.

Yes, I am.”


Which one should I take?”

Which one do you want to take?”

Can I take both?”


Why not?”

The other disappears.”


Wishes by Jane Peskara – Audrey Valentine

Jane Peskara - Audrey Valentine

A girl saw a shooting star, so she closed her eyes and wished.

The same thing happened on the next 2 days.

On the fourth day, she opened her eyes, her mother, her father and her little brother stood there.

Her mother and her father held hands, her little brother held a teddy bear in his arms and together they sang her favorite song.

The girl smiled, her wishes had come true.

She closed her eyes and peacefully died.


The following two stories are by Melody J Fisher

Melody Fisher

Half As Good

She stroked the purring cats long, luxurious silky fur, gazing at him affectionately.

“Who’s a pretty boy?” she cooed as if she actually expected an answer.

“Am I interrupting?” he quipped sarcastically before sitting down in his old worn recliner. He watched them for a moment, shaking his head, before growling, “If you treated me HALF as good as you treat that cat, I’d be happy.”

“But Dear!” She exclaimed,”I DO treat you half as good as the cat!”


“I’m being robbed ” she screamed frantically.

He ran down the stairs and threw open her door, prepared to battle an intruder, only to find  her sitting up in bed, pointing excitedly at the dresser across the room.

“See? That long haired hippie is stealing my jewelry! Stop him!”

It took a moment to figure it out.

“Mother,” he said gently, “that’s a reflection in your mirror! It’s your picture of Jesus”

She squinted.”No! Why would Jesus rob ME?”


Busted by Teresa (Tess) Karlinski

Teresa (Tess) Karlinski

Jennifer hoisted her short eight-year-old frame to full height.

Cheeks blazing and freckles deepening, she glared at her reedy teenaged brother.

Mom said I could have some.”

Small clenched fists at her sides, she stamped a naked heel.

Nothing to do with me.”

You don’t think of anyone but yourself.”

Her pimple-faced brother hee-hawed like a donkey.

Whatever. Bye”

Fingers snapping, he twirled Michael Jacksonesque. “Billy Jean, that’s my girl…”

Busted. What are those chocolate crumbs on your T-shirt?”


The Presence by D.G. Kaye

D.G. Kaye

As bedtime drew near, she feared going to sleep; no matter how much her curiosity stirred.

Another fitful night of slumber, and once again, she woke with a drilling chill down her spine.

The temperature in her room plummeted as a faint shadow hovered over her body.

It was as though the shadow had yet again taken on a life of its own.

Tugging the covers over her head, she vowed to burn that Ouija board come morning’s light.


Willow The Wisp by Carol Taylor


My thoughts turned to him.

The only person who had the power to make my bones turn to jelly.

A tear, unbidden trickled down my face.

I suppose the unexpected encounter…Just a picture … My guard had dropped or just perhaps my need for someone.

If I allowed my thoughts and myself to turn to him, then I had to attempt to find some modicum of com­mon ground in the relationship aside from raw, physical sex.

Was that possible?


Authors and Bloggers

If you think this challenge should continue as a weekly posting and would still like to join in the fun, or continue submitting further entries and have YOUR 79 word story posted, along with your photo and blog/website link, I’d be delighted to receive them; just email your entry to me and I’ll post them periodically:

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66 thoughts on “MORE New ’79 Words Story Challenge’ Entrants…

  1. Reblogged this on My Novels, My World and commented:
    OMG her I am seeing myself just in the middle of so many awesome authors, it feels like home. Like I am with people who have that one important thing in common with me…..Writing is not just a hobby, it is not a job or anything like that. It is a passion, there are stories inside of us who need to be told. And for inspiring me to write after such a long time when i had no inspiration at all, I owe Chris a BIG Than you, I’ll save a place for u in one of my anthologies or poem books or even a copy of my first book if i ever get to publish it. Thank you very much, you don’t know me but it is a big thing that i did this.

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  2. i really forgot that my story would be posted on 18 October I just got an email and remembered LOL And now I see myself here sooooo coooool, wanna do a lot more….Believe it or not but due to a very hard time I have lately I dont write at all…………and then u gave us this challenge and i just had an idea when I was going to bed had to write it and hope ppl did understand what my story was about……..Its weird I just saw that girl in her bed in the hospital, suffering from brain cancer and instead of wishing herself t be cured she wished for her parents to stand together help each other even though they had lost each other in a way over the stress of the disease of Mary(the girl) and she wished her brother a new teddybear as he had one but lost him once he was with her and their mother rushing to hospital after Mary collapsed in a restaurant………so u made me write and have fluke of inspiration thank u 🙂

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  3. I love The Child and the Prophet by Patricia Schaack. I am so glad to see you include a selection of it here. She has so much insight into life in general in this writing and I am so happy to see her continue with it. I hope to see it published one day so many readers can benefit from the wonderful lessons in the story. I also enjoyed the excerpts from the other authors.

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