Danny Wants to Play

Danny Wants to Play

Danny the Dog
This is another communiqué from Dannyland. I’m Danny or to my fans, Danny the Dog.

Today, I’d like to tell you what happened this morning after I walked my human. As most of you know by now, my human’s name is Andrew. We live on the “Asun,” that’s the name of our boat. She’s named after my friend Suni. Andrew wanted to call her the Andrew, but I nixed that idea. I mean how narcissistic can you get? Well, in his case, a lot.

Before I can get to the events of this morning, I have to preface the story by telling you what happened two days ago. In a previous communication, I told you how I outsmarted Andrew and earned myself an hour of freedom. In addition, I reported that while running free, I came across a delicious treat and ate it. I’m not sure if it was the treat or what, but that night I got sick. So, I was a bit out of sorts for a day. Andrew made a big show of insouciance and told me it was my karma. He even went so far as to say God was punishing me for running away. By the way, don’t blame me for using big words. Andrew makes me learn a new one every morning before he’ll give me my daily hot dog.

Anyway, after being a little under the weather for a day, I was feeling frisky this morning. When we got back from our walk, Andrew drummed a new word into my head. Today’s word was enfilade. I’m a dog, when am I ever going to need to use a word like that? If he taught me a word like bratwurst, now that is something I could use. I think it’s German for hot dog. And speaking of foreign languages, why can’t he teach me French? I’ll love to go up to a pretty mademoiselle and say, Je voudrais un hot dog.”

I’m getting away from my point. I was feeling good this morning and felt like playing. But would that old fart Andrew play with me? No, he wouldn’t! He sat there at his computer writing some silly story while I lay on the bed and begged him to come over and play with me. I gave a low growl to get his attention, then barked one bark. He looked at me and said, “If you want to play come over here, and I’ll scratch your head.” I didn’t want a scratch on the head. I wanted Andrew to get on the bed and roll around with me, and maybe rub my tummy. For twenty minutes, every few minutes, I’d give out with a single bark, all to no avail. But in the end, I did win. He gave me a hot dog to shut me up.

That was this morning. It is now mid-afternoon, and I still want to play, but Andrew is napping. Old people nap a lot. When I’m finished writing this, I’m going to jump up on the bed and lick Andrew on the face until he wakes up and plays with me. At the very least, I’ll get a hot dog.

By the way, tomorrow’s word is vociferous. He hasn’t told me what it means yet, but he did say my actions this morning inspired him to teach it to me.

Maybe it means hot dog in French.


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51 thoughts on “Danny Wants to Play

    • “Loquacious rapscallion.” You think I don’t know what that means? Andrew taught me those words a long time ago. Translated they mean “bad doggie.” It’s funny how many words in the English language mean bad dog or or some variation thereof.

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      • Danny, I am so sorry to have to tell you that your human has snookered you! Maybe because he knows that the real meaning of that word, might be applied to him. Now, that might give you some hint of what that really means. (I am sorry, Andrew, but as a fellow four-legged creature, I could not stand by and allow Danny to have the fur pulled over his eyes.)

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      • Danny, since loquacious means “liking to talk and talking smoothly and easily,” and since rapscallion simply means “rascal,” I see you as a little rascal of a dog who speaks well and enjoys a good adventure. And I would never presume that you don’t know the meaning of a word; you’re too smart for that 🙂

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      • My human is very easy going but after doing what you suggest once and leaving muddy paw prints I’m not allowed on the bed anymore when she’s not in it! The bed is high and I’m not only small I have very short legs so can’t jump on the bed without the aid of the dressing table stool and she only puts it by the bed at night. But she’s not mean. Before she rescued me I didn’t have a proper name and I didn’t know what a toy was, now I have a box of them.

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