Danny Escapes

Danny Escapes

FREEDOM! At long last, I was free for a short while today. I’m Danny the Dog and I write about my adventures on Chris’ blog. For the neophytes in the crowd, I’ll explain that I live on a boat with my human (whose name is Andrew) in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. To set this story up correctly, I’ll have to go over some previously disclosed material.

IMG_4136Every morning, I take Andrew for a walk and when we return, he ties my leash to the dock. There is a bowl of water and the leash is twenty feet long, so I have no problem with that because I like sitting outside in the cool of the morning. To thank me for taking him for his walk, Andrew gives me a hotdog (yummy, yummy, my favorite!). And then he lets me sit outside until the sun comes fully up. As an extra bonus, I get to bark at Duke and Little Guy, two dogs who live across the water on the other side of the marina. Can you believe this? Every morning they have the effrontery to come out of their boat and take their humans for a walk. In my marina!

Now on to The Great Escape.

Our routine is this: I’ll sit on the dock until I’m good and ready to go in. Then I’ll give my one-bark command. Andrew will come out and unclip me from the leash. I then proceed to the back of the boat and go down the gangplank. It works for us, but this morning I had another idea. You see, on the way back to the boat, I had detected an enticing scent. It was some sort of human food. But Andrew would not let me get near it. And the day I can’t outsmart Andrew is the day I’ll turn in my membership card to the canine race.

What I did differently this morning was to smile at him when he unclipped me and lay down on the dock. I put my chin on my front paws; I looked sooo cute. It gets him every time. It looked like I wasn’t going anywhere. So Andrew told me he’d give me five more minutes, and then I had to come inside. His big mistake was in not re-attaching me to the leash. As soon as the hatch closed, I was outta there!

IMG_4116I headed right for the scent I had discovered earlier. What I found was scrumptious. I don’t know what it was, but it was delicious. Then I thought to myself that as long as I was out and about, I might as well do a little exploring. First, I would go and visit my friend Beth. She always has a kind word for me, rubs my head, and best of all, she gives me a goodie. She must not have been on her boat because I did not see her. So next, I trotted a few boats up the dock to call on Lloyd. His treats aren’t as good as Beth’s, but he’s a good guy. He wasn’t home either. This was getting ridiculous! Where is a dog supposed to cadge a free treat? Then it hit me . . . Dave and Peggy’s. They live with Duke and Little Guy, so if I can let those two curs live in my marina; the least their humans could do is feed me. Maybe if I looked real cute and sad, I could con them into giving me something special.

No dice, no one home. Then I heard it, the voice of doom . . . “DANNY! DANNY!” It was Andrew calling me. I don’t know why he does that. I have never—in the entirety of our acquaintance—responded in any way, shape or manner to his calling me.

I saw him before he saw me and ducked behind a car. I let him pass, still calling my name. Then I headed in the opposite direction. That was my big mistake; I should have stayed hidden. Andrew turned, saw me, and yelled in a very loud voice, “STAY!”

I don’t know what came over me, but for the first time in my life, I obeyed him. It must have been something in his voice. I think he was a little angry with me. I was re-leashed before I knew it.

Well, that’s the story of my career as an escapee. Andrew was a little ticked off, but I still got half a hotdog when we got home. What a sucker he is.


30 thoughts on “Danny Escapes

  1. Danny first of all, nice use of the word neophyte! Also, I’m glad you had a moment of freedom, but also gald to hear you were reunited with Andrew. He was probably quite worried about all the dangers you could encounter in the big bad world. Stay safe my friend.

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