What If You Don’t Get Your Quote? (Guest Post)

MDR GreggNetworking is like screaming ‘hello’ into a hollow bucket, only to hear your echo answer you. You have to continuously be able to go on and write that story, even without your quotes. Can you make it even more interesting than that wonderful direction of interacting with another human thought? It would seem we usually can. You want to stay in print and you want to meet your deadlines. You have to push yourself to the edge of counting on someone else, and then, move forward, knowing you can do it on your own once again. Writing is a solitary act that we often, and constantly, try to share with others. That is what a story is; something to be heard. But the telling of that story can’t always be shared. Yes, writing is an invitation for others to play. This is true, but by the time it is that far along, it is written and no longer waiting for the players. It is a stage, lit, and ready.

I’ve considered writing with a partner. Even then, I’ve already planned out much of it. This is how it goes, and sometimes it will be their turn to plan out much of it. We have ideas we want to share, but they have to become solid first. Partnerships, help, quotes, are all lopsided, and need to take their turns. That world where everything is 50/50, isn’t a moment. It is a constant: My turn, then your turn. No one to ever count on; just share, just experience. Our art is to know we will have a plan, even when no one else is there. Our art is also to share, when that rare person does show up.

There does come a point, with contracts and verbal promises, that we do end up working with other creators. We wouldn’t have movies, plays or publishers if this wasn’t true. Once it is built, it needs to be build it further. It illuminates, calling forth the next level. We create, to see a glimpse of beyond our existence. We get involved with other creations (and creators), to get a boost up to a different kind of experience than even a glimpse.

So, how does one get that quote, or work with another writer? I think it is a matter of experience and willingness to move on and do the work without them. It is a lovely thought, that can never be counted on to get you from point A to point B. It will however, dress up where you are going, if someone shows up. You get the most out of others, when they are not necessary. I guess, you can say the same for any relationship. You get the most interest in you when you don’t need them. At least no one else is needed to tell the story, only share it.

I personally find the most fascinating interviews are from people who don’t even need to talk to someone else to be interesting. Then, they take that complex deep personality, and paint someone else with it in their vision of them. Maybe the interviewee will arrive and give them a photograph (another exact point of view of themselves) to compare to that painting and make it a different, interesting. Sometimes, that painting can stand alone. I’d like to think I can paint an understanding about the people I am interested in. I do put them out there, despite the lack of collaborations or sometimes because of them. So can you.

Sorry if this wasn’t a how to force someone to give you something kind of article. But really, aren’t you happier knowing how to do it yourself and not having to control anyone but yourself?

Jane’s first book is out. It was released in June, as promised, before summer was official. Jane World – Midniyte’s Minis – Walking Between Tales. To remind you, it is a compilation of short stories of an adventurer named Jane. She goes through to discover she has everything she needs to be her, a strong woman, healthy, healing. When she loves, will she love equally, or devouringly? Will she meet what she needs on her trail to find out her real self? Will it be enough to save her world?




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See Midniyte’s Guest Author post HERE

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