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MDRG 01I am Midniyte, also known as M.D.R. Gregg. I am an author of novels, short stories, poetry, and scripts. I enjoy learning new ways to write and bringing new challenges to my surface. My first novel was released just before Christmas, in December 2014. Transient State is a controversial, dark Science Fiction story which, because of subject matter, is recommended for 18+. The one I want to talk about at the moment is Jane World (fantasy genre), as it fits with your family friendly forum.

Jane World started out as a short story blog and I got discovered by a publisher on Twitter because of it, which led me to be signed to Wallace Publishing in England.  Since signing my contract I have taken this particular blog down because of the agreement I made to get them published. The first volume is to be released in the spring (2015) and the second volume soon after. I’ve even written three scripts continuing the story from there.

Jane World was a world I entered to heal from an illness that had bedridden me for years. If I hadn’t done acupuncture (plus other things my Chinese Doctor helped me with) and continued my writing, it would have eventually killed me from inactivity. Now that I’ve almost fully recovered, and divorced, I look back on it and really think I was sick from a broken heart. I am thankful for Jane’s strong independent adventures, and self-love, to get me through.

There were many hidden factors for me to have healed and it comes out in these stories. Always a new adventure, a new strange encounter, and a new stage healed in me as I worked daily through them. This strange world emerged to bring life to me and my readers. The most fun thing about them, I think, is that they are flash fiction. They average only about 800 words each yet those little stories are filled with impact. I think my history with poetry is what allows me to fill such short stories with big stories. I have also created the illustrations that go with each one.

I’m working on getting on my feet now and telling my stories is just a part of it. I also enjoy modeling; in fact, the weekend I’m writing this, I’m meeting with a group of artists to be a model with body painting and photography. I’m looking forward to it and hope I get some things posted on my Twitter from it as soon as the photographers give me their copies. I may even get some selfies on there right away. Check out my Twitter, @midniyte, to see what pictures are there. Lot’s of fun. I love collaborating with creative people and I find it is one of the best things to do. I’d like to think of myself as a catalyst to those who work with me too.

What else? Besides the hours a day I write? Besides pushing myself through experimental scripts? Hmmm…Well, I daydream… Does that count? Oh, that is more of the same thing isn’t it. I write little micro poetries on Twitter daily. Yeah, I know…I guess I have to admit, my life is mostly about telling another story. I hope you enjoy this one.

I take long walks several times a week. It reminds me of how alive I am now, and it gets my mind ready to write. It gets the garbage out and brings me back to the present as I trek through my hood. I write in my journal daily to get the rest of the garbage out. Then when I work before bed, I am ready to turn my garbage into treasure. For those who follow me on Twitter, that is often the time when I have a surge with my micro poems too. They keep me writing when I’m stuck and they keep me happy when I’m not working on anything else too.

Oh, did you want to know about me being an artist? I paint, I draw cartoons, and I experiment. I could master that alone, and for a long time did. I grew up with selective mutism with poetry and painting being the only way I could communicate some things. I am considered to be in the autism spectrum, which wasn’t known until my daughter got diagnosed. I’ve struggled with dyslexic-type reading, writing and communication disorders all my life as well. This left me alone in the world, and I had to learn to communicate my own strange world to others. I do think my first novel is a metaphor for this. I can’t say enough how much it helped me to recover from what kept me isolated and from a family that did not like me (I’m now adding a new family to my life, one friend at a time). I think it must be how I can express horror so well, though my horror only really comes out in my scripts. I plan to collaborate with a brilliant director (or dozen) on them eventually. Some good news for horror fans too; I’m getting signed to make three of those horrors into novellas. That will be so much fun, writing a story out like I’m the director.

I do my own book covers because I am a professional illustrator and graphic designer. That was a peak, for me. I love my work finding eyes. Jane World is in the process of being designed. We have a prototype so to speak, for the first book, but I don’t want to release it until the second book is designed. I will include my Transient State, book cover here, so that you can see my work.

I was born in Wisconsin and lived there until I was eight. I then moved to Alabama until I was twenty-one. So, I guess Alabama is where I became a woman. I got based in Nebraska when I was in the Air Force and moved to Denver, Colorado to marry and settle down to have my daughter. Now I’m a single mom and discovered just how wonderful it is to be me. We all have to discover that eventually. I’m so thankful I have finally done so and I am even grateful to my ex for helping me get to this point.

When Nipeyaire and Kypruss are abandoned by their parents in order to save their lives, their young minds send them on an adventure that proves fatal for the world they know.

Now, stranded on a distant planet with a prophesised curse looming over them, they find themselves incompatible with the natives and contemptuous of each other.

But did their home planet really get destroyed as they believe? And will they ever find love and happiness in their long, immortal lives?

I can be found at the following online places:

Website  –  TwitterFacebook

 About.me  –  YouTube 01  –  Youtube 02





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