Why, Where and How to Watermark Your Photos and Images…


Do NOT watermark your ORIGINALS

watermark ONLY the COPIES

of those you intend to post online

WHY should I watermark my photos / images?

There are many reasons why you should and just as many for why you shouldn’t, the following article explains both sides better than I could.

WHERE can I get the means to watermark my photos / images?

See the Top 10! Free Watermark Software & Sites to Watermark Online

Or use Google Search: ‘free watermark photos software’ (stating YOUR PC System, e,g,, Windows, Mac, Linux, whatever)

Owners of Smart Devices (computers, phones, tablets) – remember to check their APP store – there are sure to be APPs available.

There are also sites where you can do it online – some are free, some are paid.

HOW to watermark my photos / images

Click HERE to read an article using a particular programme – the same principles apply in ANY watermarking programme.


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