An Open Poem to WordPress

Seems to be the consensus of opinion 😃

Night Owl Poetry - Dorinda Duclos

Dearest WordPress,
I must confess
Lately, you’re playing with fire

The reader, you see
Has lost harmony
Line breaks is what we desire

Words jumbled together
It’s hard to tell whether
The verses are supposed to be mixing

Since I pay for my site
Hoping you’ll see the light
What ain’t broke, doesn’t need fixing

Better listen today
To what I have to say
Trust me, I’m not being coy

Take your Beep Beep Boop
And retire this goop
It’s obvious these changes annoy

©2015 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved

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19 thoughts on “An Open Poem to WordPress

  1. Without upgrades programmers would be out of a job.. a tweak here and a tweak there.. It has made me read my posts very carefully which I should anyway, but last week just as I hit the publish button I saw a small typo.. as the verse says when I hit edit, all the formatting had disappeared, and I had to go through an re-paragraph everything.. I love WP and my blogging but it is just as well it does not record my verbal exclamations of dismay!!! L’air Bleu Lea…

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