10 Mistakes Aspiring Writers Make


12 thoughts on “10 Mistakes Aspiring Writers Make

  1. Thank you so much for everything you share from other sites. Some articles are not able to reblogged so I mention those with links on my author website. I’d never find these things without you. Now I’m following thewritingchimp and http://www.lawritergroup.com. Expanding my base, hopefully helping other authors and aspiring authors. God bless you for your own efforts in that direction.


  2. #6 is questionable. Plotters and Planters are equally successful and there’s never such a living thing like a 100% plotter or 100% planters. There’s no plotter who doesn’t discover new things while writing (thus, changes plot) and no planters who doesn’t have milestones and waypoints (thus know where she’s going) like the famous headlights night time driving of Doctorow.

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