Tips for Self-Publishing (Almost Completely) Free

Questions you need to ask yourself

and answers you need to think about 😀

Jeremiah Kleckner

Let’s assume that you have a book that you think is worth selling and you’ve decided to publish it yourself. What do you do? Put it up on Amazon? Find a Print On Demand site? How do you make sure that your wonderful book looks appealing enough for others to give it a chance?

It all depends on your needs and (frankly) your budget.

There are some things that are out of most people’s specialties and require a good amount of training. If you’re a graphic designer, then you have a leg up on others. (I’m not even going to mention marketing or SEO in this post.)

The point is thatthere are gateways that all would-be self-publishers have to pass through.

Here are some of those key questions that have to be answered.

Do I have to pay for an editor?

No, but you really should.

Most people read books…

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