Self-Publishing Checklist Condensed Version

Anna simplifies the process nicely 😀

Anna Dobritt -- Author


Self-Publishing Checklist Condensed Version

The following is a combined version of the Self-Publishing Checklists Part One and Part Two. I’ve also added information about pricing your eBook.

Step 1 — Write the book.

Step 1a — Join a critique group like Writers World. You want to put your best work forward when you publish and a critique group is the best way to do this.

Step 2 — Edit the book.

Step 2a — Start building a web presence. I consider this pre-marketing.

Start an author blog, create a Facebook account for you as an author, and create a website. If you are short on funds, Weebly and Wix are two great places to build a free website. Start an email list. For a blog, you can’t beat WordPress. Email list is another good idea to set up early. Mailchimp is one to use.

Step 3 — Send…

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