Building a Book Trailer on a Shoestring Budget (pt 2)

It’s still Painful, and It’s even Uglier


Welcome back. Now, you have your book distilled, so you can think about what images you want to represent your words. This can be as difficult as making your cover (or approving it, if you were able to have one professionally made). Now it is time to go out and look at what pictures are available.

For starters, be aware that different screen sizes will affect how your images will display. This graphic does a good job showing that:

Screen Sizes

Image courtesy of: maxresdefault.jpg Video Frame Size

Most modern monitors are the high definition size, but don’t forget about tablets and smart phones.

For each of the slides, you should have a theme. An example using my second book for a trailer would yield the first phrase: With a slave now in tow, He fled for his life

What does that bring to mind? That sure isn’t a field of daisies, let me tell you! I would probably start looking for images depicting slaves and masters, prisoners, or other chained individuals. However, since I’ve already established in the first book that this particular slave is special, I may look for something with a person dressed close to what I see in my head – a loin cloth or some type of uniform I can recolor to khaki. Another option is what I consider the “spacer” slide. This has a branded image for my series on a color appropriate background.

Let’s break down how to make both of these. This is where you will need to either know an image editing software (like Gimp or Photoshop) or be able to draw.

So, a simple image is best for a spacer slide. Since my books are “branded” by the spider web, and very dark, I elected to go with a black background, the light fade gradient, and my web. Like this:


The only slides I do not include the webbing and light effect on are the slides with my book cover, the one with my author’s picture, and the credits at the end. The first two, I keep the gradient, since the covers have a web on them and I don’t want to lose the cover or my picture in the busy background. So, my cover slide looks like this:


So, with three slides, I’m ready to tackle the fourth. This one is for the next step in the blurb “journey” – Escaping the strife, He runs for his life

Now, I’ve chosen to use a spacer for the first slide, so it really is time to throw in some imagery here. So, I go find images that speak to me of what I’m trying to evoke. Since the scene in the book is about fleeing into a tunnel, I chose to use this image:


I’m not polishing the images, I’m simply looking at what possibilities I have. So I go back to the spacer image, and see if I need to add anything to bring out the right impressions. I’m pretty happy with this one as it is. The feel is right, so I elected to go with it. However, cars are not a part of my world, so I have to work the car out of the image. This is where image-editing software comes in handy. After scrubbing the car out, and playing with the edges, so they are not sharply defined lines, the final slide looks something like this:


I go back to the spacer for the next slide, and alternate spacers and images until I have all of my planned slides completed. Remember, you only need to make one of your spacer slides – you can add it in multiple times when we get to that point.

And, at this point, do NOT add text unless you know you will be going through an online movie maker, like We’ll add the captions next time.

I’m going to sign off, and let you pull your images together. Happy creating!




31 thoughts on “Building a Book Trailer on a Shoestring Budget (pt 2)

  1. Thanks again, Kat and Chris! I’ve been busy with visiting family the last few days, but I came online today to make certain I didn’t miss this post! Now I have to go back to visiting with the people I can’t believe I share DNA with! ;-D

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  2. You mentioned smart phones and tablets. It is possible to serve alternate sizes to different devices with some software. For example, if you had a Joomla site, you can show one on desktops but not tablets or phones and vice versa. Don’t know about Blogger or WordPress. Anybody know about that?

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