How to add Widgets to your blog.

Authors in TSRA Hall of Fame may need the Adding Video part after 4th April…
Another VERY informative post from Ron 😀


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Recently I published a How To article and in closing I mentioned if anyone had a How To they would like to see to let me know through the Comment Form on the About page. I got a request.

Widgets in the Sidebar, how?

Depending on the Widget this can be very simple, or a little less simple, but overall not that difficult.

I will show how to add four types of Widgets. If you don’t know how to get to where you select the kind of Widget you like in your Dashboard, make certain to keep reading before jumping to a certain section. The below links take you to sections of this article.

Let’s get…

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2 thoughts on “How to add Widgets to your blog.

    • I also keep mine to a minimum regards images Carl, but for authors, their books display may be important to have shown – and you can combine several books into the one widget to show them either tiled or in slideshow format 😀



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