Time Management in Writing

Does this sound boring to you? Probably, but it’s likely the most important obstacle in the way for new writers.

With so many distractions, how does a writer focus on what’s really important – writing?

While there are many answers, I thought I’d offer some personal tips.

Now realize, I came upon most of these thoughts due to practicing poor time management in the first place, so don’t despair if you think you can’t break free from watching your writing time slip down the drain.

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27 thoughts on “Time Management in Writing

  1. This is good. One thing about time is that each minute that ticks away is gone for good. I struggle with time management and social media management, as I am sure most writers do. Thanks for sharing this one, Chris!

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  2. Great post. That last one is an obstacle that so many new authors don’t realize. Point out one typo and they go back to the drawing board instead of fixing it and moving on. I think it stems from an inherent fear in taking that big step of publishing.

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    • Hi B.B., I’m actually responding to the above comment, but there was no “Reply” button:
      “Yes i have put out two short stories… Possibly the most nerve racking moment so far lol im just trying to convince people to leave me comments on them so i know whats working and what needs tweaking”
      Three thoughts/suggestions:
      1. Some people do not want to offer suggestions in public forums, such as a blog. You may want to offer a way for people to provide feedback directly to you.
      2. Writers’ groups – particularly when you find the right fit – can be very helpful in providing the kind of feedback you seek.
      3. Sometimes writers will beta read for each other so that each is gaining something from the time spent in the process (back to time management!).
      Anyhow, best to you, and keep writing. -Valerie

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