How to get kids to read independently

My thanks to my good friend, Honduran Teacher Joanna Mojica, for bringing this article to my attention.

To read it, please click on the photo of the originator Valerie Strauss, or the link below:

Valerie Strauss


10 thoughts on “How to get kids to read independently

  1. Chris, as educator I can say that we need to get kids engaged in the reading!! I have seen so many students having so many difficulties trying to comprehend not only simple books, but understanding simple instructions on what to do in a classroom. What has worked for me, has been explaining to my students the importance, and making them believe that reading time will empower them. After we read books, we discuss and do projects, that is working on my fourth grade class!!

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  2. My kids began reading by age 3. I am a big reader and have always read to my kids. I taught them abc’s and then 2 letter words and then 3 and so on…home schooling them until they were 13-14 where both graduated high school with state diplomas…off to online college (because I didn’t want them going to college that young) and then off to university where both graduated with honors…Both now in careers they went to college for…all from teaching them to read and for them to see reading as an amazing gift. I have always said teach a kid to read and they have the world in the palm of their hands! Great article. Thank you for sharing! ❀Koko

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