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PnP Authors began as a source to promote their own books, Peter & Pattimari Cacciolfi state proudly, but its members of notable authors and poets grew so fast that they renamed it, PnP Authors Promotions, and began promoting other authors who joined PnP; FREE. Pattimari began putting together spotlights for the author’s book, and sent them all around the world by having their authors support them by clicking on websites at the end of their spotlighted promotions, sending them into thousands of homes.

PnP Authors Logo

PnP Promotions
PnPAuthors Promotions

Peter & Pattimari began brain storming with their Administrator, Harmony Brooks and they soon came up with PnP Authors Promotional Magazine where they talk about authors, poets, artists and their writings and works; another way of promoting authors’ books.

PnP Magazine
PnPAuthors Promotional Magazine


Peter & Pattimari believe that authors have something to say, and they believe in them, so they promote them in any way they can – to get their books out in the public’s eye. They set up Author’s Resources on their navigation board so that their authors can also have other resources to get their book out there. Some people warned Peter & Pattimari that they were advertising for those who did the same thing they did, and wondered if it was a good idea. Peter & Pattimari said, they weren’t in competition with them and if more sources could promote authors, then that would get their books even more out into the world; all over the world. So they continued to bring in other promotions companies to help them promote authors. They now have, not only spotlighting, but also make authors book-trailers, have Book Swaps where authors buy one another’s books and then review them, and Review Swaps; where authors review books after getting them for free. They run contests for poets and authors and then publish their writings.

Peter & Pattimari have gone on radio shows to advertise PnPAuthors and their authors. They pass out cards and websites where people who are interested can view all the authors.

Pattimari & Peter
Pattimari & Peter

After semi-retiring from being a therapist, and working with Autistic, ADHD children, and family counseling, Pattimari began writing. Peter retired from his classroom teaching, and also began writing with Pattimari; they soon became husband and wife team authors and opened PnPAuthors. The name comes from P for Peter, n for and, P for Pattimari. Their greatest dreams are to see authors grow big and tall in the public’s eye where their creative stories get out to people and become bestsellers. Peter & Pattimari’s book, Frozen Time, has become a bestseller.

Peter & Pattimari believe that every person has a book inside of them, and if they have enough faith to put their fingers on a keyboard with a simple idea, it eventually turns into magic and a story is developed. They also believe even though they have published over 38 books, they are still in the learning process, and will continue to grow as authors.

PnPAuthors praise Chris, the Story Reading Ape, for all his hard work to promote authors. He is a professional, and they are impressed with his talents and his creative ways to promote.


In PnPAuthor Promotional Magazine, Linda, a story teller will be coming out with cat stories in April.


Lydia, will have a column in April. She will create interesting stories in different genres.

And of course, Chris the Story Reading Ape will be in each every month of our magazine.


Authors, Poets, and Artists ~ if YOU would like to be in PnP Authors Promotional monthly Magazine, please email pattimari@hotmail.com and tell her what you’d like to write, or show in the magazine.

Thank you Chris~

(Note from TSRA: Peter & Pattimari were so intent on telling you all about their Author Promotions Project that they set up to give back to and help Authors, they forgot to mention their books – well, I couldn’t let that go, so here they are :D):


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