Simile Similah

Don’t you just LOVE being authors? 😀 😀 😀

Jo Robinson

It’s a lot more fun writing a book than finishing it in some ways. For me the trip goes a bit like this. Gets bright idea for a novel. Furiously starts to scribble. Absolutely certain that this is IT. The ONE! It’s AWESOME, and it’s going straight to #1! Finishes book. Makes big announcement. Gets back to editing. Decides book is absolute adverb riddled, tell don’t show drivel. Cries. Starts fixing it. Laughs out loud, realising that it really is AWESOME. Finds more adverbs and a plot hole. No. It’s definitely a lump of coal. Cries. Repairs and rereads through tears. YES! It’s BRILLIANT! But no…. Ahem…

There’s just a week and a bit before my next book goes live, and I’m a very busy bunny making sure that there aren’t any dreaded lurgies still lurking in it. I have an unnatural fondness for adverbs, even though all the world…

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2 thoughts on “Simile Similah

  1. Thanks for a great post. I laughed myself silly, especially about you using the word ‘lurgies’ because I’ve never heard anyone use it in the US and it made me remember how much I miss it! Yes… and after all the editing, then you have formatting the darned thing and getting it uploaded (assuming you’re an indie). And then… and THEN the best bit of all. Marketing. Eeeeekkkk!



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