Meet Guest Author Harry Dodgson

HarryBefore the internet and email, I was always been a keen letter writer, but until I retired actually writing a book just didn’t occur to me, I was always too busy.

When I was in my late sixties, my brother-in-law acquired his first computer and decided to write his life story. I thought what a good idea, why don’t I do that?

Co-incidentally, at that time I was contacted by a lady in England, (I live in Australia) who is a retired nurse. She had worked for many years in the same hospital where I spent eight years as a patient when a child. She asked me if I would write a chapter for a book she was working on, which was a history of the hospital in which she spent much of her working life. I did this, and the book, titled Good Food, Rest and Plenty of Fresh Air was duly published with all proceeds donated to a hospice.

Though this hospital closed in 1965, there are plenty of articles and stories of hospital life in the years it was operating. These can be found on the blog Some of the articles on the blog were written by me.

In addition to writing fiction, I am very interested in how people return to normal life after a very long period in hospital, by long period I mean years. I am also an active worker in Heart Support Australia, helping victims of heart attacks to return to a normal life.

At the time I got the writing bug, for health reasons I retired from my profession as an Electronics engineer and I wrote some articles on life in the nineteen thirties and forties, both in and out of hospital, for the British Magazine The Best Of British. After that I started on my autobiography which although completed, I have not yet published. One reason is that I cannot decide on the title, the second is that many of the persons mentioned in the book are still alive.


Whilst writing my autobiography, I also started a novel The Rainbow Serpent which I self published in 1980. I have recently completed the second edition, titled Kakadu Dreaming which I have self published in standard 12 point text and in large print for the vision impaired.


I have almost completed my second novel Kakadu Storm, a sequel to Kakadu Dreaming. This too will be published in two text sizes

I like to have several projects on at the same time, and have another two books to work on as soon as Kakadu Storm is published, which I anticipate will be before December 2014.

I have a lot to learn about social media, promoting on Facebook etc, so I don’t do much in that area. However, I do have both a web site and blog on which can be found links to my books.

Kakadu Dreaming ebook is available in several formats from:

SmashwordsBarnes & Noble



European Readers can also get the books from:

Australian Readers from

Or from the author, signed if requested.

For a signed copy

Please go to my blog

and use the CONTACT ME form.


7 thoughts on “Meet Guest Author Harry Dodgson

  1. Great to meet you, Mr. Dodgson . . . you have a very interesting story I look forward to reading.

    Best wishes for continued good health and SUCCESS with your Writing. Don’t stop now – – – – WRITE and WRITE SOME MORE!

    Mike Phelps

    Liked by 1 person


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