The 10 lessons I learned from being an Author . . .

Great advice from Emily 😀

The Light-Bearer Series by Emily Guido

Get-what-you-give-giving-back-picture-quote1. Be KIND . . .

If I am not kind, then I should expect to be treated badly.  It may not be today… but it may be a time when I really need it.

2. Don’t be HAUGHTY . . .

I am the first person to say that I am not the expert in anything.

3. Read other Author’s work without an AGENDA . . .

No one in the world wants to be pre-judged. You have a genre that you feel comfortable with, that’s great. However, branch out and test the waters with other genres without any judgement. You will be happy you did!

book-review-620x3304. Always read a book from COVER to COVER . . .

If you talk to a person, you don’t walk away during mid-sentence – that would be rude. Don’t do that to your fellow Authors!

5. Be good to YOURSELF . …

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6 thoughts on “The 10 lessons I learned from being an Author . . .

  1. Danny deserves a bone for his comments. The only one I have a problem with is reading a book from cover to cover. I do look at books to review, and occasionally I get a lemon which I just can’t finish. Would love to know how other people handle this. I don’t like to write negative reviews since the author spent a lot of time and effort in writing their book and doesn’t deserve public criticism that could be hurtful. Would rather pass the comments along privately.

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    • Emily,

      On behalf of Danny, because WordPress won’t let him comment directly:

      Of course, I am perfect. I am Danny the Dog … bon vivant and all around good dog. I love tummy rubs! I was going to post on your site, but everyone else was kina serious, so I refrained from throwing in my two cents worth … although it would have been pure genius. Your friend,



  2. I’m posting this comment on behalf of Danny the Dog, because he keeps getting a message saying he can’t post one:
    A great article and very good advice. BUT I must take issue with #7. I don’t think every word has to be perfect . . . I know every word that I write is perfect because I, Danny the Dog, wrote those words!
    Your friend,

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