Meet Guest Author Heidi Peltier

Heidi Peltier

Hi!  My name is Heidi Peltier, and I’m an author from Texas.  I’m a cop’s wife and a stay-at-home mom of two boys ages ten and seven.  In my pre-mom days, I was a high school history and government teacher, and now that my guys are both in school full-time, I’m easing my way back into the classroom as a substitute teacher.  I wear a lot of hats in my line of work.  I’m a cook, a maid, a chauffer, a coach, a cheerleader, a baker, a delivery person, a referee (no, not for sporting events – remember, I said I have 2 boys), a nurse, a dog washer, a laundry woman, a toy repair person, a missing toy locator, a librarian, a spider eradicator, a tutor, and overall Queen of the household who falls into bed every night wondering why she didn’t have time to do anything for herself that day.  Occasionally, I do have a little time to myself which is when I read for enjoyment (my favorite series is Harry Potter), do a little Zumba (even though I am not blessed with coordination), or spend a little time with my friends.  But sometimes, I make sure the house is completely empty and quiet, and that’s when the writing happens!

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So far, I have written and published four books of my own and one that I co-wrote with my ten-year-old son.  I started writing about twelve years ago, but my first novel didn’t come about until eight years ago.  I read a quote once that said if there is a story you want to read that hasn’t been written yet, you should write it.  So that’s what I did.  That first novel is still sitting neglected in the furthest reaches of my computer’s memory.  Someday, I might pull it back out, dust it off, and fix it up a bit.  In the meantime, I’ll keep working on the stories in my head. 


I have one stand-alone novel out only in ebook format. It’s called “Eyelids of the Morning,” a story about two brothers who venture into the Congo in search of a living dinosaur with their eccentric uncle.  The main characters are named after and based on my two sons.  I wrote it for them.  My other three books are the first in a series of what will be five called The Delmar Shark Chronicles.  It follows the royal family of a small (fictitious) Mediterranean island who have made a pact with a giant, legendary shark to keep the island safe.  If they fail to do so, the shark returns to punish them. 

IDS          Delphine          Involuntary Kings

The first book, “Isola di Squalo,” is told from the viewpoint of seventeen-year-old American Dylan Murphy who travels to the island as part of a shark study program.  An early argument with Princess Terra Delmar lands him with the undesirable task of befriending her in order to convince her not to cancel the program.  Dylan doesn’t believe the legend until he comes face to face with the shark. 

The second book, “Delphine,” is told by Terra’s sister Delphine Delmar, and it follows her journey to find true love half a world away from home.  But just when it seems she might have found it, she receives a warning from the sharks that there is danger at home. 

The third, “Involuntary Kings,” is a parallel story which compares the lives of the first Delmar King, Merrick, to the next Delmar King, also named Merrick.  Neither felt truly able to rule; neither volunteered for the job, but both have to find the leader inside themselves. 

Books 4 and 5 are not written yet but are almost fully formed in my head.  They have titles, but I’m not ready to reveal them yet. 


TDimBFinally, my son, Ethan, and I worked all summer on a book completely from his brain, and he served as our illustrator as well.  It’s called “The Dragon In My Backyard,” and it’s about a boy named Stan who loves living where he does, but when his dad discovers a dragon in a cave behind their house, Stan has to try to convince his parents not to make him move away.  Stan has some crazy adventures trying to get to know the dragon and change his parents’ minds.

All of these books were self-published through Amazon, and currently, all are available as e-books for Kindle, and all but Eyelids are available in paperback as well.

Places to find me online are:

My WebsiteMy Blog


Find the books at:

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10 thoughts on “Meet Guest Author Heidi Peltier

  1. These books all sound intriguing and I love the fact that you shared about writing when you have a few moments to yourself because you’re a busy mom. Congrats on the books. I have six grandchildren ranging in age from 15 down to three years. What age bracket might those children’s books fit into?


  2. Nice to meet you, Heidi.
    Your ‘hats’ list sounds a lot like mine used to, but my kids are all grown up now and I get to wear my own hat, and have time to be me and write. It’s lovely, though I did love wearing the ‘Mum’ hats too.
    Thanks again, Chris, for introducing another lovely author to us.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Great to meet you, Heidi 🙂 I love the fact you wrote a story with your son – that is precious. I keep trying to convince my daughters’ but so far my charm isn’t working! The series sounds intriguing – enjoy the journey to creating four and five 🙂



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