Authors: You Got Searched

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Lit World Interviews

You’ve Been Searched!

Think about that for a moment. Who in the world would Search you? Why?

  • You sent in a query somewhere.
  • You self published and suddenly have good numbers.

In other words, there might be people out there in the literary/publishing worldlooking forYOUR NAME. And why do they do this?

Straight Talk With Ronovan: The Search is On

Writing a great book will not always get you published or make you the success you want to be, whatever success that is. Either traditional or self published it doesn’t matter, because people are going to look for information about you.

I Search for you. Yes, when I do interviews, book reviews, anything I do about an Author, I Search. Why do I Search? Why do Agents Search? Why do Publishers Search?

Personally I have a list of names that I want to ask to interview, but…

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5 thoughts on “Authors: You Got Searched

  1. Hello Chris . . . SEARCH all you want . . . just PLEASE . . . PLEASE do NOT confuse me with the young, good-looking, Olympic Champion with all that Gold. I am the )NOT so) young, (NOT) good-looking, (NOT) an Olympic Champion, Already spent & given away all my Gold. I am a WRITER and a voracious reader.

    Michael Phelps

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