Self-Publishing Boxed Set Preorder—What Would Make it More Compelling?

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I recently combined four of my self-publishing books into a boxed set. The Kindle edition is presently available for pre-order. (Melissa Stevens at designed this amazing—since I didn’t design it myself, I believe I’m allowed to say this—cover.)

What could I do to make this more compelling?

Here are a few ideas that I’m considering:

  • Special introductory price. (I believe the list price can be changed until it gets locked into the last 10 days of the pre-order date.)
  • Add in a fifth book. I have a detailed book that focuses on the subtleties of Kindle formatting, which will be released soon. (This depends, in part, on whether that fifth book will be ready in time. The four-book boxed set that I uploaded is already in its final form, although I selected draft status for a little flexibility.)
  • Add bonus material. The easy thing would be, say, popular…

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